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Wild Child, The Doors Prophecy

Jim Morrison's Wild Child

She’s The Doors’ prophecy, Wild Child, that’s right, this is the real Wild Child! Yes, Wild Child the song that was written about her on The Doors’ Soft Parade LP. You see, back in 1967, little Wild Child met Jim Morrison through the lens of a camera and the rest is, rock ‘n roll history!

Talented musician

  • Solo act or band

  • Instructor

  • Songwriter

  • Performer

  • Lead guitarist

  • Harp and percussion

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Meet the official muse of Jim Morrison

A true rock inspiration

No, I kid you not, she’s Jim Morrison’s rock star Wild Child as he wrote in the song with “with hunger at her heels and freedom in her eyes, she dances on her knees pirate prince by her side, staring into the hollow idol’s eye.”

wild child