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Wild Child, The Doors Prophecy

Keep the Dance Alive


Worked as a performance artist: dancer, musician vocals & harmonica also percussionist & lead guitarist since 1984 and have never gotten paid for her work. Made headlines in various music papers in the 80's & 90's. And had continued performing in 2000-2016. Now needing knee surgeries and just capital to live on Willd Child has given her talents & services to the people and to this country and so it's time that financial contributions donations be given to Wild Child. You see the night clubs, unjustly went after wild child when she'd performed because sometimes when you're too good at something some people might hate you but the public the audiences loved her and her work. Wild child has suffered for her art and artistry of performance for over 30 years now. It's been much too long and her spirit is low at times. Desperately in need of donations now. Keep the dance and the child alive!